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Friends of Humphreys of Henley

Humphreys of Henley welcomes new and old friends for shopping, conversation and sharing of ideas. We will share our discoveries and thoughts with you and we would love you to do the same. We all have at least one thing in common, our love of quality.

Join Humphreys Friends for privileged access to our new additions as soon as they are added to our Collection. Receive exclusive offers without you having to lift a finger and be invited to our intimate soirees and events that we’ll be hosting through the year, so that you can secure a place on our guest list. Rest assured, we will never pass your details to a third party.

Together we make them very special occasions, not just because of the champagne and nibbles but also the opportunity to enjoy the company of like-minded people.

The sharing is not just one way, our friends like to tell us how they have enjoyed and used their Humphreys products; some even tell us how they have recycled their beautiful Humphreys boxes in a number of creative ways.

As a Humphreys Friend you can create your personal wishlist. Just add your favourite things to your wishlist, tick the “Make it Public” box and then tell everyone all about it. They only need your email address to access the list